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At RCB Infotech, we are passionate about technology and security. Located in the heart of Lucknow, we've been serving the digital needs of our community from our spot in Naja Market. Our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the best in cybersecurity and reliable, high-quality refurbished laptops.

Our Journey: We began with a vision to make cybersecurity accessible to everyone. Recognizing the growing threats in the digital world, we offer a selection of top-tier antivirus software keys to keep your personal and business data safe from cyber threats. Our antivirus solutions are instant, reliable, and just a click away.

But we didn't stop there. Understanding the need for affordable and dependable technology, RCB Infotech also brings to the market a range of expertly refurbished laptops. Each device is meticulously restored to its prime condition, ensuring you receive the performance of a new laptop at a fraction of the cost.

Our Promise: When you choose RCB Infotech, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in peace of mind. Our antivirus keys safeguard your online presence, while our laptops come with a guarantee of quality and durability.

Stay Connected: Have questions or need support? Our dedicated customer service team is here for you. Reach out to us at rcbinfotech@gmail.com or give us a call at +91 84000 90968. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers through trust and exceptional service.

Thank you for considering RCB Infotech. We're dedicated to securing your digital endeavors and equipping you with the best tech to navigate the digital world. Visit us and join the RCB Infotech family today!

Our Location: FIRST FLOOR, SHOP NO.2, NAJA MARKET, 34 LABAGH, LUCKNOW, Uttar Pradesh, 226001

Our Legal Identity: Legal Name: RCB INFOTECH GSTIN: 09BBXPK0279G2Z3

Connect with Us: For the latest updates and exclusive offers, follow us on our social media pages and become a part of the RCB Infotech community.

Some of your questions answered here.

We get a lot of questions about our course. You can get any answers in no time here.

1. What types of antivirus software do you offer?

We provide a diverse range of antivirus keys from industry-leading brands designed to suit various needs, whether for personal use or business protection. Our selection ensures compatibility with different operating systems and devices.

2. How do I receive my antivirus key after purchase?

Upon completing your purchase, the antivirus key will be delivered to your registered email address instantly. Follow the instructions provided in the email to activate your software and secure your device immediately.

3. What should I expect when buying a refurbished laptop from RCB Infotech?

Our refurbished laptops have been thoroughly inspected, repaired, and tested to meet high-quality standards. They come with a warranty period for hardware components and are pre-installed with essential software. Expect a laptop that operates like new at a competitive price.